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Adult US Citizens, if you don’t vote you are partially responsible for whatever happens and have no right to complain about anything government does.

There are a variety of issues to vote on, not just the presidential election. Where I live there are proposition measures about union busting, school funding, the death penalty, human trafficking, and genetically engineered foods. You’ve got to care about one of those issues, right? There are government positions to vote on from the president down to the city council.

Employers are legally obliged to give employees time to vote. If you are a parent, take your children to the polls with you. You can model being a good citizen and explain how it works, and they might get a sticker or lolly pop. My ballot this year has two initiatives directly concerning educational funding as well as a school bond measure. It’s part of my responsibility as a parent to vote.

Don’t assume you don’t need to vote because all the like-minded people around you will. That’s like not getting a vaccine because you expect others around you to get theirs. When enough people think like that, it won’t work and we’ve seen whooping cough come back as a result.

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